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Train from Hamburg to Sylt
Windmills on the way to Sylt

Wow, now there’s an idea.  I’ve just been speaking to my sister and she’s booked herself a bit of rehab in a clinic in Sylt.  Sylt is a small island off the coast of Denmark – but it turns out to be part of Germany.  Just having a quick look online, it seems to me as if it’s a long sandbar …. there’s a huge long beach of golden sand which looks amazing.

The island seems to be a holiday resort for the wealthy – exclusive, expensive and stunning.  It would be lovely to have a short break there; it looks as if there are a lot of quality hotels; holiday homes; even hostels.  AirBnB is well represented for those who like to do self-catering.  It is easier to fly to Sylt from Scotland during the summer season.  Off-season, the easiest way to travel from Edinburgh is to fly to Hamburg and then take a train journey to Westerland.  Online booking is straightforward and will probably save you money too.  Having looked through various sites, it seems as if there is also a good local bus service which will let you explore most of the island.  It’s possible to buy a family ticket which seems exceptional value.

Do you feel as if I’m talking my way into booking a break in Sylt??  I’ll let you know if I do 🙂

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