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The perfect system?

I had it all set up – the perfect place to take photographs of products as I add them on to our site. The pictures were easy to edit to make the mugs, leather goods, etc, stand out against a white background. It’s taken me years to find something which really suited the way I work. I even use my iPhone for the photography because it has inbuilt features that let me edit it easily and quickly before it transfers to my pc.

I have been using a second-hand jewellery display cabinet as my light box because it came already fitted with sparkly white LED lights and cool-white fluorescent tubes diffused behind a white acrylic filter.  The whole thing worked really well until the transformer for the LED lights stopped working and one of the cool white fluorescent tubes started strobing.  Aaaargh – now I’m going to have to spend some time finding the spare parts because it looks as if it was a custom design and getting the bits and pieces isn’t going to be easy.  It’s definitely going to be worth it to find them, though, because, as I say, it was the perfect system!

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